The master bathroom is all about the family and the shared experience. But an en-suite is about you. It is personal. It is somewhere that you can shut the door on the rest of the house and find some space.

If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite in your room then here are our designers’ top tips for achieving the best out of it.


Before thinking about making any other changes to your en-suite, let’s start with the basics.

It is surprising how much difference the lighting can make to any room. And because it is probable that your en-suite may not have any natural light, it is even more important to get it right.

Replacing daylight is best done with inbouw LED spotjes. These discreet little lights are the best way to replicate sunlight.

LED inbouwspotjes badkamer are LED recessed bathroom lights and these are the inbouwspotjes LED that you will want to fit, in order to make the space as ambient and sunny as possible.

Badkamer spots LED dimbaar can also be installed and these bathroom spots are even more convenient, because they can be dimmed at the touch of a button.

Want more lighting? You can also afford to add at least one jaw dropping piece of beauty into your en-suite bathroom.

Remember, this is your space and it is not for anyone else’s benefit!


The luxury of a standalone bath is a must have for any en-suite which is big enough to fit one in it.

Does the bath have to match the bedroom? Not necessarily, if by match you mean blend in undetectably.

There is a difference between making something look right and disappear in a haze of bland!

So, yes, your standalone bath can in fact, stand out, especially in terms of color.

Perhaps you would want to see some parity between the patterns, shapes and designs with the rest of the master bedroom. It only has to share some common elements with the bedroom though, not be a complete clone of it.


If there’s no room for both a standalone bath and a walk-in shower, in your en-suite, how about taking a leaf out of some of the boutique hotels’ book and simply placing the bath in the bedroom?

We know this is not for everyone, but it can work – if you feel it is right for you.


As we have said, there is no need for your en-suite to disappear completely into your master bedroom.

But you might want to keep some of the same themes going.

One way this consistency of approach can be maintained is by utilizing the same type of lighting throughout.

So, keep those inbouw spotjes going through, from the bedroom to the en-suite bathroom.

Also, remember to check your color palette and ensure complementary shades are used.

So, if you have a green wall in the master bedroom, maybe introduce elements of a light green in the bathroom, as accessories and towels.


This is your own personal chill out zone and unlike the rest of the house, it is not a shared space. This means that you can make it personal.

Photos, artwork, personal mementos are all in the zone when it comes to your en-suite, so don’t be afraid to own your space!


…And if your en-suite is very small indeed, consider removing the doors. This can free up a lot of space at a stroke.

Privacy can be maintained by the use of screens or low walls in your en-suite.

The en-suite can also flow seamlessly in straight from the bedroom, if this is the look you would rather opt for.