The Conference – Guest Speaker: Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Monday, January 16, 2012 This morning’s keynote speaker is Vennkatesh Narayanamurti (who told us we could refer to him as “Venky”), the Benjamin Pierce Professor of Technology and Public Policy, a Professor of Physics as well as the Director of Science, Technology and Public Policy Program at the Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School. Presenting today 

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The Conference – Prom

A fun time was had by all at HCAP Prom! Like a true American prom, the delegates arrived all dressed to the nines. The Mumbai delegation looked especially fine in their beautiful traditional Sari. The SOCH penthouse was decorated with streamers, glitter, and snowflakes, going along with the “Winter Wonderland” theme. It took a while 

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The Conference – The Skywalk

The skywalk event was quite spectacular. I myself had never been to the skywalk up on the top of the Prudential Center before, but it was really beautiful being able to see so much of Boston at once. We arrived there at the very perfect time of day. The sun was just beginning to set, 

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The Conference – Iron Chef

Delicious foooooood! I’m still waiting on pictures from Dubai’s salad and recipes of all the food to come in. Angela Primbas ’12 said she was very glad she wasn’t a judge because she couldn’t stand deciding between each of the different meals.

The Conference – Dinner Monday

The HCAP delegates enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of Oggi Pizza in Tiknor Lounge Monday night. Topics of conversation ranged from the high grease content in American food to the ever-present anticipatory question, “what exactly is golf?” The delegates discussed the day’s speakers, and had nothing but compliments for Nancy Turnbull’s address this afternoon, and are 

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The Conference – Sick Around the World

Sunday Night we screened the PBS documentary, Sick Around the World, featuring Washington Post correspondent T.R. Reid. It was an enlightening presentation of the failures of the U.S. Health Care System and the solutions offered by five other capitalist democracies: the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and Switzerland. The quality of the health care systems 

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