HCAP 2015 Conference theme:

TECHNOLOGY AND OUR GENERATION: From the Individual to the World

  Harvard Conference: January 17th - January 25th, 2015 Spring Conferences: March 14th - March 22nd, 2015

In its twelfth consecutive year, HCAP is once again partnering with universities across Asia. In January, our weeklong conference brings together over fifty delegates from Asia here at Harvard for academic, cultural, and social exchange. During Spring Break, HCAP members fly to their country of choice, where the same delegations will reciprocate the priceless experience by hosting a conference with leaders in the field and a culturally-immersive tour.


Welcome to all our new members!

Our Annual Conferences

Platform I: The HCAP Harvard Conference: The annual HCAP Harvard Conference is held each Winter at Harvard and constitutes the first of two exchange platforms. This conference forms the cornerstone of HCAP’s mission by inviting delegates from all eight partner schools to gather with Harvard members for a week of academic, cultural, and social exchange. Platform II: The HCAP Asia Conferences The second platform is substantiated by the collection of six conferences in Asia in March during Spring break, when Harvard students travel to reunite with the international delegates to strengthen existing bonds of friendship while gaining first-hand exposure to Asia. Philosophy: The philosophy behind our double platform model is grounded in our belief that the current issues that confront the international community demand both multilateral (as practiced during the January conference) and bilateral (in the spirit of our March conferences in Asia) frameworks and approaches. We trust that this organizational model, while most notably familiarizing each Harvard member with one particular country, will simultaneously demonstrate the necessity of achieving a degree of proficiency with international perspectives on a level that transcends the bilateral.      

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Mission HCAP was established as a response to the absence of a comprehensive program at Harvard covering Asia’s true geographic breadth and with a wide scope of approaches to understanding international affairs. HCAP is a unique program that stands on two exchange platforms and three pillars that build bridges between the Harvard and Asia, and, more broadly, between the U.S. and Asia. HCAP offers seven conferences each year that blend academic, cultural, and social events. As a result, Harvard and Asian delegates taken away powerful, moving, and life-changing experiences from their involvement with HCAP.  


Bangkok, Thailand

Chulalongkorn University
Founded in 1917
Years of Partnership: 3

Thailand is, in many respects, a country caught up in the transition between old and new. Age-old customs, unique visual arts, and amazing architecture are just a few aspects of the country serving to make it an ideal place to not only see this contrast between old and new, but to also further explore the relationship between Western and Eastern practices all in one place. Chulalongkorn University, as the pioneering educational institution of Thailand, is undeniably one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities. In their week-long visit to Thailand, Harvard delegates will be able to travel through the many centuries of Thai history.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

American University in Dubai
Founded in 1995
Years of Partnership: 6

There is no place quite like Dubai, from its distinctive palm-tree shaped artificial archipelagos to the iconic silver sail of seven star Burj Al Arab hotel. The cosmopolitan and accomplished students at the American University in Dubai, our celebrated Dubai partner university, represent over 90 nationalities. The confluence of such a wide range of diverse perspectives and cultures on one campus generates a uniquely vibrant academic and social atmosphere on campus. Harvard delegates return to Boston after their time in Dubai with stories of desert safaris, extravagantly mammoth shopping malls, and new friends from a whole portfolio of countries—from Nigeria to India to the Philippines.

Hong Kong, China

The University of Hong Kong
Founded in 1887
Years of Partnership: 6

A bustling and bursting hub of commerce and finance in the world’s most dynamic economic region, Hong Kong demands a great deal of attention from big business and globe trekkers alike. Recognized as the top university in Hong Kong, as well as one of the best in East Asia, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers a comprehensive range of strong academic programs and, of course, a top notch student body. Each year, our HKU partner delegates make a concerted effort to expose Harvard delegates to both sides of Hong Kong, from the iconic concrete jungle of Kowloon to the sleepy fishing villages on Hong Kong’s little-known small fringe islands.

Istanbul, Turkey

Bogazici University
Founded in 1863
Years of Partnership: 5

Recognized worldwide as the historical crossroads between East and West, and as the only city that straddles two continents, Istanbul claims a secure place on any travel connoisseur’s wish list. Our Istanbul partner school, Bogazici University, is widely acclaimed as the finest institution of higher education in Turkey—an academic powerhouse that fuels the innovation and creativity that are, in turn, driving the rapid growth of Turkey’s economy. Harvard delegates return from conferences in Istanbul with colorful memories of the intricate mosque architecture along the Bosporus, the spicy street food of the city’s labyrinth bazaars, and the warmth and traditional Turkish hospitality of Turkish HCAP delegates.

Mumbai, India

St. Xavier’s College
Founded in 1869
Years of Partnership: 7

Mumbai presents travelers with an assaulting, yet tantalizing, feast for the senses. From the impressive colonial architecture of the Gateway of India to the collage of saris serenading along the famed Chowpatti Beach, Mumbai whisks Harvard delegates on an odyssey of emotions, inspiration, and—perhaps most memorably of all—spicy South Indian food. St. Xavier’s College, a stop on President Obama’s recent “democracy tour” of Asia, has been widely acclaimed for its strong academic foundation in the liberal arts (it has been ranked the best institution of higher education for the arts in India) and for its green and tranquil campus. Harvard delegates return to gray and sterile Cambridge with an indelible feeling of attachment to India and its people.

Seoul, South Korea

Ewha Womans University
Founded in 1886
Years of Partnership: 8

A model metropolis and the heart of South Korea’s economic miracle, Seoul serenades travelers with its tranquil manicured palace grounds, delectable restaurants, and stark scenery. As the world’s largest female educational institute, Ewha attracts a vibrant and motivated student body and has historically been the source of many of South Korea’s most accomplished female politicians, diplomats and businesswomen. Harvard delegates leave Seoul with rich memories of throbbing nightlife, chilling trips to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, and uniquely Korean hospitality; they also return to campus with the characteristically zesty taste of kimchi on their breaths.

Bras Basah, Singapore

Singapore Management University
Founded in 2000
Years of Partnership: 3

South and East Asian cultures truly fuse in the diverse, metropolitan city-state of Singapore, known for its bustling trading port that centers around exquisite cuisine from Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences, tropical climate, and vibrant social backdrop. With a focus on responsibility, academic excellence and community service, Singapore Management University (SMU) is widely acclaimed for holistic style of teaching that fosters leaders for tomorrow. Singapore, also known as the "Garden City" for its commitment to a sustainable future, will introduce Harvard students to the wonders of their tropical wet-life reserves, the robust trade economy spewing from their ports, as well as an abundance of exquisite fusion foods only unique to Singapore.

Tokyo, Japan

University of Tokyo
Founded in 1877
Years of Partnership: 8

For travelers, Tokyo’s artful depiction of the human capacity to exist harmoniously in a crowded place presents an irresistible attraction. Widely acclaimed as the top university in Japan, the University of Tokyo is home to an outstanding student body of achievers; HCAP, in turn, attracts some of the best and brightest at the university. Upon their return to Cambridge, Harvard students bother their roommates and classmates with stories of chic bullet trains, bustling sushi markets, the bright lights of the Ginza district, as well as the tranquil history buff’s paradise of Kyoto.



The Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP) is a student-run program at Harvard College. HCAP establishes itself as a unique program through its organizational model. To build bridges between the U.S. and Asia, our framework for intellectual and cross-cultural exchange stands on two platforms: annual conferences each February at Harvard University that gather delegates from all partner universities, and annual conferences each March at all 8 partner universities that reunite Harvard and Asian delegates. The philosophy behind our double platform model is grounded in our belief that the current issues that confront the international community demand both multilateral (as practiced during the January conference) and bilateral (in the spirit of our March conferences in Asia) approaches. We believe that this organizational framework will achieve the most comprehensive scope of perspectives on issues that face the U.S. and Asia today.

Platform I: The HCAP Harvard Conference

The annual HCAP Harvard Conference is held each January in Cambridge, Massachusetts and constitutes the first of two exchange platforms. This conference is the cornerstone of HCAP’s strategy to invite delegates from all eight partner schools and Harvard delegates for a week of intellectual and cross-cultural exchange. This year, the conference takes place between January 18 and January 26, 2014.

Platform II: The Eight HCAP Asian Conferences

The second platform is substantiated by the collection of eight March conferences in Asia, when Harvard students travel to reunite with the Asian delegates, strengthening existing bonds while they gain first-hand exposure to Asia. The object is to encourage the continuing dialogue between all HCAP Harvard and Asian delegates. This year, HCAP conferences at partner universities will take place between March 15 and March 23, 2014. For the 2013-2014 program, are pleased to partner with the following premier academic institutions:

American University in Dubai • Dubai, United Arab Emirates Bosphorus University • Istanbul, Republic of Turkey Ewha Womans University • Seoul, Republic of Korea University of Hong Kong • Hong Kong S.A.R., People’s Republic of China St. Xavier’s College • Mumbai, Republic of India University of Tokyo • Tokyo, Japan Singapore Management University • Singapore, Singapore

2014 Service Trip

Harvard College in Asia: 2014 Jiangyin Service Trip

Dates: Saturday, March 15 – Sunday, March 23, 2014

Applications LIVE: CLICK HERE


2013 HCAP Members Brittany Liebeno and Rainjade Chung at Nanjing High School with high school student Clare Cao

  Entering its seventh year of partnership with the Vincent Woo Foundation, the Harvard College in Asia Program is excited to present the 2014 HCAP-Jiangyin Service Trip. Through the HCAP-Jiangyin Service Trip, two Harvard HCAP members are extended the opportunity to create and teach classes of their design to Chinese students at the primary and secondary levels. Volunteers teach at Nanjing High School, Nanjing Middle School, and Qiaoqi Elementary School in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, about a two hour drive northwest of Shanghai near Wuxi.

Jasmine Park at Qiaoqi Elementary School, 2012

Through a series of organized seminars and extracurricular activities, the Service Trip aims to help Chinese students deepen their understanding of American culture and the American education system. Reciprocally, in line with HCAP’s mission of cultural exchange, the Service Trip also aims to help HCAP volunteers deepen their understanding of the Chinese education system, and Chinese culture. This is accomplished through classroom teaching, discussion and dialogue with Chinese students, homestays, nighttime office hours, and arranged excursions in and around Jiangyin and Shanghai. And, since 2009, HCAP-Jiangyin members have also acted as judges for the debate team at Nanjing High School. With the Vincent Woo Foundation as the official sponsor, the HCAP-Jiangyin Service Trip covers accommodations and subsidizes round-trip airfare to and from China in proportion to the students’ financial aid packages at Harvard. Each year, HCAP recruits two undergraduate students interested in China’s culture, society, and education system. Although knowledge of Chinese Mandarin is helpful, it is not required.       Dates: Saturday, March 15 – Sunday, March 23, 2014 Tentative Schedule Saturday-Sunday: Overnight Homestay Monday-Tuesday:  Nanjing High School, Jiangyin (www.njschool.cn) Wednesday: Nanjing Middle School, Jiangyin Thursday: Qiaoqi Elementary School, Jiangyin (www.21qx.com) Friday-Sunday: Shanghai Due April 5th: Google Form detailing expenses, a summary of members' experiences, and suggestions for future years

Richard Huang, Kelly Sullivan & Jasmine Park in Shanghai 2012



I want to emphasize how crucial the student relationships were to my personal experience on this trip. By this, I mean letting us form relationships with Clare and all of her friends. The time we spent together was so fun, and I felt like I really made friends in China. They were so hospitable and made us feel very welcome. They took us to eat good food, explore the town, and were very open to our questions. I hope that the students next year will also get to know and become friends with the students in the senior class at the high school. Ultimately, I think that the experience offered a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese education system and the culture surrounding education. Both America and China understand that education is a top priority, but the two societies differ in how they approach that goal.  - Rainjade Chung, 2013  

Kai Fei, Ye Zhao, Amy Zhang with Nanjing High School students, 2011

"The HCAP Service Trip was a wonderful way to spend my Spring Break. I really enjoyed interacting with students, teaching in their English classes and holding office hours outside of class. Talking with the students was an eye-opening experience because they provide totally different perspectives on many things. They were always very enthusiastic in talking with us and asking us about life in the United States and at Harvard. The Service Trip also gave me an opportunity to visit the developed parts of China such as Shanghai, but also visit rural parts of China that most tourists never see. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone who is interested in visiting or learning more about China." - Kai Fei, 2011

"I simply loved the trip. For us, it was an opportunity to experience China and life in Chinese high schools and elementary schools. For the students, it was a chance for them to learn about the United States and communicate with people whose experiences were much different from theirs. It gave them an opportunity to break out of their daily routines of  studying and taking tests and reflect upon their own lives. I hope that our visit was inspiring for them as well as fun." - Henry Yin, 2009


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Advisers In addition to the dedicated efforts of its ten-member board and 70-member Harvard-based staff, HCAP operates with the support and consultation of its distinguished advisors: Dr. Diana L. Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dr. William Kirby, T.M. Chang Professor of China Studies; Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration; Director, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies; Chairman, Harvard China Fund.


HCAP thanks the many supporters that have sustained our organization and made our conferences valuable experiences. Please click on the "Advisers" and "Sponsors" links to see a list of those who have contributed to the organization in the past. (more…)

Board of Directors

Yucheng Pan '15

Indrani Guzmán Das is a junior studying
Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
and Medieval History. Her diverse set of interests has led her to be both multi-faceted and perpetually confused. Hailing from New York City, she loves her hometown for being as diverse as her own family. Indrani has been a member of HCAP since her freshman year. In addition to HCAP she is an editor at The Harvard Crimson, a leader for the First Year Outdoor Program and the Harvard Outing Club, and is the student representative for Global Women's Empowerment. In her free time she likes singing
in the shower, hiking, learning languages,
and living life to the fullest.
Indrani Das '16
Vice President
Liesl Ulrich-Verderber '15
Chief of Staff

Brenna Hilferty '15
Content Co-Chair
Daniel Dong '16
Content Co-Chair
Megan D'Arcy '15
Finance Chair

Julian is a senior in Currier House studying stem cell biology with a secondary in Italian. He grew up near San Francisco, California. He has been involved in HCAP since his first year at Harvard, making trips to Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Bangkok. On campus, he is also involved in Chinatown ESL and the River Charles Ensemble. In his free time, he likes to play pool, eat candy, and learning about new animals.
Julian Huang '15
Operations Chair

Lloyd is a sophomore in Winthrop House from New Haven, CT. He is studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Women and Gender Studies. He is passionate about medical research, eventually planning on attending medical school, and in his free time loves traveling, meeting new people, and exploring Boston.
Lloyd Chen '17
Foreign Delegations Chair

Hi! My name is Teagan Lende, and I am a junior in Leverett House. I am pursuing a joint concentration in Social Studies and African Studies. This is my second year in HCAP. Sophomore year I had an amazing time attending the Tokyo Conference. I am looking forward to another great year, and I am excited to be serving as a Co-Social Chair.
Teagan Lende '16
Social Co-Chair

My name is Taylor Houghton and I was born
and raised in New York City. I am a sophomore probably concentrating in Psychology and living in Dunster House. On campus, in addition to being the social chair for HCAP, I am also the Vice-President of the Harvard College European Society. My involvement in these cultural organizations comes from my gap year, in which I studied in Europe for eight months and then taught English in Senegal. Last HCAP I went to
Seoul and it was incredible! I can’t wait to meet everyone!
Amory Taylor Houghton '17
Social Co-Chair

Schuyler is a Junior Social Anthropology concentrator from Long Island, New York. He enjoys traveling, studying photography and learning about foreign people and places! This is his third year in HCAP and he is looking forward to exploring new cities, meeting new friends, and working with the board to have another fantastic Harvard conference!
Schuyler Berland '16
Public Relations Chair

I'm Tiphanie, a junior living in Quincy House studying Linguistics and Computer Science. I joined HCAP last year as a sophomore and had an amazing time at both the Harvard conference, and the conference held in Seoul. Outside of HCAP I work at HUIT and the Korea Institute and can usually be found poring over either my Korean or Japanese textbook when not playing video games instead. I’m looking forward to making this year’s
HCAP just as amazing as last year’s!
Tiphanie Fuentes '16
Technology/Multimedia Chair

Tiffany, who hails from Ohio, is a junior
concentrating in Psychology and living in Eliot
House. During the year, she serves as a freshman mentor, gives campus tours, works at Harvard Business School as a research assistant, and helps prepare for the HCAP Conference! When she’s not doing any of these things, Tiffany can be found eating or making desserts, napping, running by the Charles, exploring Boston, or spending time with friends. Through HCAP, she’s met some of the most life-changing and amazing people from both Harvard and Harvard’s partner schools, and has gotten to travel to Seoul and Singapore. She’s so excited for what
HCAP 2015 has in store!
Tiffany Song '16

Hey everyone! My name is Juan Bedoya, a junior in Quincy House studying English. My current position in HCAP is secretary, which involves facilitating the jobs of the other board members, as well as regular members. I have been involved in HCAP since my sophomore year, and it has been hands down one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. From making friends all over the world to spending spring break in Asia, HCAP has been a great experience.
Juan Bedoya '16